It is a great pleasure to welcome people to 3Ps Academy, a private day  school for boys and girls , based in Tecnobat, Jalingo, Taraba State, Nigeria. Since Grange School was established in 2014 under the motto “Learning with passion for a greater Future”, the School has sought to support, educate and inspire students to become confident young men and women who will revel in the challenges within a modern day global society. 3Ps Academy is an open and inclusive community of learners, serving the need of young people and their families. We want our students to develop curiosity, imagination and confidence in themselves. We want them to be compassionate and caring, thoughtful of others. We want them to think and solve problems, as well as develop independence, and personal and social responsibility. We want them to aspire to be the best they can be.We believe in rich learning that extends beyond knowledge, to deeper understanding and the development of wisdom. So much of that happens through learning experiences and challenges, as well as through the guidance and encouragement of highly qualified, talented and passionate staff, eager themselves to further their own learning in the interests of their students. Our staff believes in the value of each individual student, and are committed to their growth.


To offer qualitative and affordable education to children so as to inspire them to realize their full potentials in life by highly trained, competent and dedicated teachers in a conducive and serene learning environment.


To be the torch bearer in providence of quality and affordable education in a safe and supportive environment in which a variety of learning experiences challenge all students to achieve self discipline, motivation and excellence in learning in Taraba state


  • Integrity: We strive always, to do the right thing.

  • Innovation: We solve problems from varied angles or perspectives.

  • Quality Education: We impact pupils to develop essential skills.

  • Parental participation: We co-operate with parents to enrich learning experience.

  • Lifelong Learning: We encourage a growing mindset

  • Diversity: We welcome different cultural perspectives

God of creation

God of 3PS

With your help, we will shine

We are learning with passion

For we are the leaders of tomorrow

We will shine, shine, shine, shine

We will bring glory to our parents

We will shine, shine, shine, shine

We will bring glory to our parents